Finding accommodation is a nightmare!

So it’s only a few weeks to go now until I move to York and I’ve only just sorted out my accommodation and let me tell you, It’s been a nightmare! As I joined York University quite late, I wasn’t able to find a room in student halls as they were fully booked up so I’ve been looking for student houses and accommodation off campus to live in. Ideally I’ve been looking to live as close as possible to the campus as since this is the first time I am moving away, I don’t want to get lost in a new city every day! So I took the decision to actually drive up to York last week and check out many of the rooms available.
My first impressions of the city were fantastic as I was driving in! All the old stone houses and medieval theme of the place just made fall in love with the city straight away.

I lined up a few viewing with some student houses in York for the day but when I arrived the rooms were either taken already or the location was just way too far to commute by bus. As I was running out of places to view and the day was wearing on, I just wanted to get the accommodation sorted so there wouldn’t be any issues when I move there in a few weeks. I became a little desperate so I jumped on Google on my phone and googled ‘student houses and lets in York’, praying for a miracle literally. I called a few of the student agencies and available rentals and some were quite unhelpful and even rude in one case!

However I did end up talking to some guys at a place called Union Lets who did an AWESOME job at helping me find the right accommodation! These guys found me accommodation within no time and even offered to drive me to the viewings. After about 4 viewings I found a great little place which was only 15 minutes for campus and some of the flatmates were already there so I had a chance to meet them!

All in all I now have a great student let in York waiting for me come September and I couldn’t be happier! Counting down the days now.

As they were all running out pretty fast I had been panicking pretty bad.


Preparing for York University

york universitySo it’s only a number of weeks to before I make the big move to York and already I have got into planning mode! To describe myself as excited is a complete understatement! I really cannot wait to make the big move and settle in ASAP. I am nervous and excited at the same time as this is a new chapter of my life opening up, it is a transition period. I have been writing up endless lists of ‘essentials’ I need to take with me but I have a feeling it may not all fit in the car… only one way to find out! I’ve also been kitting myself out with the latest graphics design equipment. This includes the latest Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Suite for my MacBook, the latest drawing stylus’s and drawing pad which can connect straight to my Mac and allow me to draw away and show all my work on the screen.

All this preparation is making me happy as just in a few weeks I will be able attend classes and put my skills to the test, learn new tricks and tips and be on my way to becoming a qualified graphics designer. I just hope I will be able to keep up with all the work and still have a reasonable social life. Only time will tell I suppose!

Welcome to Alicia Harpers blog!

Hi there, you have arrived to Alicia Harper’s blog! This is my personal blog which I have set up to document my time at York University. I have recently been accepted to start a Graphics Design course in York and I extremely excited to moving for the first time! Deciding to graphics was easy for me! Since I was young I’ve always been on the creative side and would be doodling rather than paying attention in class! I hope by doing this course, that one today I will run my own graphic design agency.

In this blog I will be hoping to document the ups and downs of my time at University and sharing with you all my graphic designs. I hope by the time I finish University that this blog will be crammed full of art work, memories and interesting stories from my time in York. I have never been to York before so this was a bit of a whim deciding to go to York University. I am originally from a small town in Wales with lots of sheep, hills and very few people so York will be a stark contrast to what I am use to. So please do keep checking back on this blog to hear about my transition from the small country life to the big city.

This is an exciting time for me and I can barely contain my excitement! I will check back in with everyone soon with another update on how my preparations are going.